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Dating an ibanez guitar

dating an ibanez guitar

DATING IBANEZ GUITARS. An Ibanez serial number can tell you two things, year of manufacture and factory [or country] of manufacture. There is no master list  ‎HEADSTOCK SERIAL · ‎PLATE NUMBERS. These other factories follow the same serial number pattern as the Cort Korean factory. Indonesian Made Ibanez These guitars start with the  Help dating an ibanez TS9 Tube screamer. Dating Your Ibanez Guitar. Ibanez Guitars are probably one of the best deals on the market at this writing. Ibanez has built some excellent.

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DATING SITES IN SAUDI ARABIA guitar dating: I have run into a strange situation. The is a website called the that you can enter your serial number. Artstar AS serial and dating Q: Someone offered me his AS for my bass. He says it's from the 80s, has no country on the label and he.
Dating an ibanez guitar Found this spiffy site that lets you punch in the serial number on your IBANEZ guitar and it will tell you when, and where it was made and. The serial number is A (on sticker,not stamp on the headstock. The Guitar Dater Project doesnt work with every Ibanez serial. Thus.

I'm having trouble getting a handle on dating a guitar by serial number. Ibanez guitars Serial that you can enter your serial number and it gives.

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