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Standards in dating

standards in dating

I'm now at the age where wedding invitations and “save the dates” take up the majority of my refrigerator space but I'm still RSVPing for myself. Editor's Note: In this excerpt from the book, So You're About to Be a Teenager?, Samuel Rainey challenges teens to think about some standards for interacting. When it comes to a girl I want to see somewhat regularly or exclusively, I have high standards. There are a number of boxes I would like a girl to.

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Later, he contacted her, and they began dating. To make a long story short, she relocated to his state, they dated for over two years, looked into.

It's the golden rule version of dating. Seriously. Follow it. .. I don't have standards as much for them as I have for myself. I don't date, and won't. Standards create the criteria that govern who and what we allow into our lives. These criteria should be established from the outset.

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